Technician Frequently Asked Questions

How are Turns Assigned?

  • Technicians are assigned to clients based on their relative position in the Queue. Queue Time is assigned and updated as follows:
    • Queue Time is updated to the current time when:
      • When a technician logs in.
      • When a technician completes a service AND
        • The current service was NOT a request OR;
        • The current service total was less than or equal to the minimum service value as set in the software.
    • Bonus Turns are applied on specific days of the week, in which technicians are rewarded for scheduling specific shifts/times.
      • In order to receive Bonus Turns, the technician must be both SCHEDULED and ARRIVE at or prior to the day/time defined in the system settings. No grace period is allowed for Bonus Turns.
        • Their
      • Any technician assigned Bonus Turns will always be placed at the top of the Turn Queue, sorted by the number of Bonus Turns remaining, then by their respective Queue Time. For example, if Bonus Turns are applied on Monday-Thursday for techs assigned for a 10:00am shift:
        • Kimmy logs in at 9:51am on a Tuesday morning, and receives TWO Bonus Turns.
        • Jenny logs in at 9:55am and also receives TWO Bonus Turns.
        • Lisa logs in at 10:03am, and would receive NO Bonus Turns
          • Therefore, Kimmy would be first in queue, follow